Jun 10, 2014

Paris Chic Round Table

This cute round table was purchased at an auction recently. 
The bottom was painted in Cece Caldwell chalk paint and the top was painted white with the new Americana Chalky Finish paint by DecoArt.  The DecoArt paint is a little thicker that the Cece Caldwell brand and it has really nice coverage.  I enjoyed using it and will probably purchase more. 
The entire table was coated with Cece Caldwell brand satin finish, not wax.  I have to admit that I am little tired of waxing.  Plus, I'm may be bringing this table with me to the Carlisle Country Craft and Old Fashioned Mercantile Market in August and apparently if you leave waxed furniture out in the sun too long, the wax gets a little bit melty... or so I've heard.
The "Paris" design on top is courtesy of the Graphics Fairy (of course!).  I used the same method as I used on a coffee table in the past, which you can view here.  Basically I scribbled like mad with a  pencil on the back of the paper and then laid the paper on the table and traced over the design.  I then went over the pencil marks with paint.  The painting process takes patience, but is definitely worth it in the end. 
As usual, I'm wishing I had a spot for it so I could have an excuse to keep it!



  1. Lovely. Sometimes the chalk paint doesn't do well under the moving around either. This is perfect!

  2. It turned out beautiful !!!
    I've used transfers your way - hard work but soooo worth it!

  3. I love your table! You did a great job.

  4. i use graphite paper to transfer designs - and a paint pen instead of a brush. Love the simple yet classic look of this table.

  5. Love, love your little table! Looks beautiful!

  6. You did such a great job with this table! I love everything from the paint colors you chose to the Paris design!

  7. Cynthia you did an awesome job on this table - very pretty! I'm visiting from the Junkin Joe Party.
    Marie@The Interior Frugalista

  8. Love your beautiful table--bet it won't last long at your next show :)

  9. Do you like working with the Cece Caldwell Brand Satin Finish? Do you put it on with a brush?

    1. I don't mind it at all. (it's actually slightly easier than the wax). I find it's fairly durable, as well. And, yes, I do put it on with a brush.