Apr 11, 2014

Easter Peat Pots Made From Dollar Store Items


These were so fun to make!  Spring/easter crafts are so great because they really make you feel a little like spring, even when there is still snow on the ground! 

The pots, butterflies, nests with eggs and the moss were all purchased from our local dollar store.  The pipe cleaners I had on hand, but could also be purchased at a dollar store if you don't have any. 

The bunnies were a little bit of trial and error to find the right size.  The first one was a bit too big.  Maybe you can guess what happened to it? Hint: It no longer exists! 

First, I painted up the peat pots with some white paint.  Then you add some foam (or whatever you have on hand... even newspaper) to the bottom and the moss on top.  I set my little nest and bunny in, then added on the butterfly and the pipe cleaner handle and called it done!

I ended up liking these so much I will probably save them and put them out again next year.  Well, I probably will get a new bunny next easter.  Year old chocolate? Yikes!
Here's another variation that's sitting in our entranceway:
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  1. Love the compote and the cloche. It displays everything so nicely. Gotta make trip to the dollar store.