Apr 11, 2014

Easter Peat Pots Made From Dollar Store Items


These were so fun to make!  Spring/easter crafts are so great because they really make you feel a little like spring, even when there is still snow on the ground! 

The pots, butterflies, nests with eggs and the moss were all purchased from our local dollar store.  The pipe cleaners I had on hand, but could also be purchased at a dollar store if you don't have any. 

The bunnies were a little bit of trial and error to find the right size.  The first one was a bit too big.  Maybe you can guess what happened to it? Hint: It no longer exists! 

First, I painted up the peat pots with some white paint.  Then you add some foam (or whatever you have on hand... even newspaper) to the bottom and the moss on top.  I set my little nest and bunny in, then added on the butterfly and the pipe cleaner handle and called it done!

I ended up liking these so much I will probably save them and put them out again next year.  Well, I probably will get a new bunny next easter.  Year old chocolate? Yikes!
Here's another variation that's sitting in our entranceway:
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Apr 2, 2014

Spring Easter Egg Wreath

This wreath wasn't hard or complicated to make.  The most time consuming part was painting the eggs.    I didn't take any pictures along the way because to be honest I wasn't really planning on posting about it when I was making it.  But it turned out nice enough for me to want to share it.  The eggs are Styrofoam purchased from the Dollar Tree.  I had to buy two packages.  I painted one package blue and the other package white.  The blue ones received a speckled treatment and the white ones I stamped.  I hot glued them all to a wreath form that I had covered in burlap.  Then to fill in the space I added the moss and the little white flowers.  The moss and flowers can easily be found at most dollar stores.
Right now it's hanging on my front door and is adding the perfect touch of spring to our entryway. 

I've been having fun lately working on a few other spring projects that I hope to share soon.

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Apr 1, 2014

Simple Black Chair Makeover

So, our house is currently for sale.  Which means I am not allowed to "clutter" it up with lots of excess furniture projects.  However, I did recently break my no new furniture rule and bought this chair at our local Salvation Army.  I did a fairly "safe" makeover on it.  Translation: I needed it to sell right away.  So, I painted it black with Cece Caldwell Chalk paint and redid the seat with this fun French script style fabric that was purchased at Hobby Lobby.  And it sold within a week, which made the husband super happy. 

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