Jul 29, 2013

I Painted Something Red?!!

Ever since I started painting furniture, I have admired pictures of pieces that were painted red.  But, I never had the 'courage' to do it myself.  I even went so far as to pick up a sample of Cece Caldwell's Traverse City Cherry Red about a year ago but could never figure out what to use it on.  So when I recently picked up this mid-century chair, I finally decided to try it out. 

Here's what it looked like when I brought it home. (Unfortunately... or fortunately?) I think the auctioneer where I bought it is beginning to realize that I'll take home any stray chair because he gave me a super deal for this one and a bunch of others that day. 

The hardest part of this makeover was finding fabric to go with the colour.  Finally, I happened upon this happy print at Fabricland the last week. 

I used clear and dark wax on this chair, because I found without the dark wax deepening the colour, it was a little too 'pinky' for my taste. 

What do you think of red furniture?
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Jul 10, 2013

Vintage Black Dresser

 This is one of three dressers that I bought all in one weekend in June.  I showed you one already, here.  Not sure if I should admit to this, or not, but we bought this one on the way to church Sunday morning.  I saw it sitting there at a yard sale as we were driving by and I knew that if it was a good price, that it wouldn't be there later on the way back.  I convinced my husband to pull over and as we were looking it over and debating the merits of bringing home another yet another dresser, the lady running the sale offered to lower her price, and of course, that made it irresistible and it ended up in the back of our vehicle.

I used a new Cece Caldwell paint colour, Beckley Coal.  It's a nice shade, black, but not a deep, deep dark black. 

As you can see, there is a lot of variation of colour in this paint.  It had great coverage, too.  This was just one coat of paint.  This dresser is finished simply in the clear wax. 

After I got it all cleaned up and painted  and posted for sale, my husband started thinking about  wanting it.  You see, this dresser is extremely well made and the drawers on it are huge.  And when I say huge I actually mean ginormous.  Seriously... if you were skinny enough, you could probably hide in them.  He was liking all the potential storage they offered.  And since his current dresser wasn't all that big, I agreed to the swap. 

Here it is pre-painting and minus it's drawers.  The other two dressers I bought were hiding behind this one.  It actually came with that round mirror that's peeking through, but since our bedroom is sloped there was no room for that, and personally, I thought it was kind of ugly, I sold it at our yard sale on the weekend. 

The top drawer had this interesting rose detailing on it.  Painting it over and adding a cute graphic certainly crossed my mind, but I ended up leaving it alone. 

I chose to paint it black when I was thinking of resale.  If I had known my husband was going to claim it, I might have gone with a different shade.  What would you have done? 

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