Apr 23, 2013

French Script Burlap Bench

I had the opportunity on Saturday to go to my first yard sale of the season.  It was a church rummage sale, held indoors.  It's still been a little too chilly for outdoor sales to start around here.  I picked up this bench there.  Then I also went to an auction on Saturday. I managed to snap pics of the things I bought at the auction, but somehow missed this bench.  Oh well... The legs were peachy and the seat was navy stained velour.  It definitely needed some love!
Well, yesterday was finally nice enough to work outside and I sanded down the legs and spray painted them semi-gloss black.  The Rustoleum 2x spray paint works great. 
The blue velour seat covering was easily removed.  Whoever had redone this before had decided regular staples (you know for paper?) were good enough.  Needless to say, it didn't take long to rip them out. 
I recovered it in this lovely printed burlap that I purchased at Joann's.  Actually as soon as I saw it in the church hall, I knew that I would use this fabric on it.  Sometimes I can never make up my mind what to do with a piece.  It was kind of nice to know right away with this one... made it a little easier!


  1. What a wonderful find. I love the makeover you gave it. Beautiful fabric.

  2. Wow! Looks amazing! I wish I could get some printed burlap here!

  3. Great job snagging that and doing such a pretty job of recovering it! It's a fun look.

  4. That piece of fabric was made for that wonderful bench. Simply divine.

  5. I rarely know what I want to do with my pieces! This is a perfect fit for sure. The bench looks fabulous!

  6. Simply FABULOUS!!!!!! : ) Hugs and thanks for sharing : )