Nov 28, 2012

Mischevious Little Brother

See what happens when my little brother (okay, he's 6 feet + tall, so he's not exactly little anymore) comes to visit me?

The above picture is how my chalkboard is supposed to look.  And the below is how it looked after my brother left.   

The little goof!  And to quote him, he said that it looked like Christmas had threw up all over my house.   Oh and he also commented on how he could easily reach up and change my chalkboard, but I would have get out a stool if I wanted to fix it.  (I am only 5' 2"). 

That shelf is in the kitchen and you can see my new paint color on the wall.  We're gearing up to finish the kitchen soon.  It's not like we started sooo long ago.... it was only January right? 

And see what happened to the chalkboard out in the laundry room?

I am our church's secretary, so that's supposed to be a reminder to me to put the choir practice in the bullETIN, not the bull!  And all that about the bacon?  I'm actually not sure I can blame that on my brother... it may have been my husband... or a combination of the two of them.  We haven't sorted that one out yet!  And in case you're wondering, no, I didn't cook them bacon... they're so hard done by aren't they?
These are some vintage postcards that I hung on that same shelf in the kitchen... I will hopefully share more of my Christmas decorating soon. 

(My chalkboard "art" is a total copy from page 125 of the Better Homes and Gardens "Christmas Ideas" special interest magazine.  I totally loved it.  That magazine is great!  Tons of ideas in it, I've probably read it a million times already!)


  1. Cynthia my brother would never do that.BUT my husbands step sisters husband (boy that is allot to say!) would! He will move things around.Put beer caps in strange places etc.This man is in his mid 50's! I am keeping my eyes open I am sure I will find something strange eventually as I am cleaning just have not found it yet!
    Your home looks beautiful it does not look like he said!

  2. If that's not proof that men never grow up, I don't know what is, lol!! I have a nice pillow with a bird on our bed, and when my husband makes the bed sometimes on week-ends, he puts the pillow upside down, sideways, etc. because he knows it will bug me! It did at first, now I just ignore it, lol! (I shouldn't complain, at least he makes the bed!)

    Have a wonderful day.