Nov 29, 2012

Rescued End Table

I finally have another furniture makeover to share with you!  Now, I don't normally confess how much I pay for my furniture, but this time I am going to admit that this was a roadside find.  I made my husband get out and load it up for me though... he's so sweet :-)

Now, I totally forgot about a before picture, but it was just brown, with coppery gold hardware and that black speckled finish that's so hideous now. 

I painted it with Cece Caldwell paint in Vermont Slate.  However, I did something a little different.  At the store where I bought my paint, the owner gave me a little bottle of black colorant.  So I added some of that into my paint and it darkened it up a bit so that it's a really nice dark grey.  I love how the colour turned out.  Hopefully someone else does, too, because this one's for sale. 

I thought about spray painting the hardware... but it was just too cold out and I didn't feel like freezing myself to death just to paint one knob.  Then I thought about switching it out for something different, but I couldn't find anything in my stash of bits and bobs that would work.  So, what I ended up doing was using rub-n-buff.  First I did the whole thing in black to cover up the original colour.  Then I highlighted in silver and I ended up quite liking how it turned out. 

One thing that's nice about the Cece paint is that you can distress it with a wet rag.  Which means I don't have dust flying every which way when I am working indoors in this chilly weather.  I gently rubbed the entire piece down to ensure that I had a really smooth surface. Then I finished it off with the Cece Caldwell clear wax.

I am actually a little behind on my blogging, as I have a few more tables to share with you soon. 

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Nov 28, 2012

Mischevious Little Brother

See what happens when my little brother (okay, he's 6 feet + tall, so he's not exactly little anymore) comes to visit me?

The above picture is how my chalkboard is supposed to look.  And the below is how it looked after my brother left.   

The little goof!  And to quote him, he said that it looked like Christmas had threw up all over my house.   Oh and he also commented on how he could easily reach up and change my chalkboard, but I would have get out a stool if I wanted to fix it.  (I am only 5' 2"). 

That shelf is in the kitchen and you can see my new paint color on the wall.  We're gearing up to finish the kitchen soon.  It's not like we started sooo long ago.... it was only January right? 

And see what happened to the chalkboard out in the laundry room?

I am our church's secretary, so that's supposed to be a reminder to me to put the choir practice in the bullETIN, not the bull!  And all that about the bacon?  I'm actually not sure I can blame that on my brother... it may have been my husband... or a combination of the two of them.  We haven't sorted that one out yet!  And in case you're wondering, no, I didn't cook them bacon... they're so hard done by aren't they?
These are some vintage postcards that I hung on that same shelf in the kitchen... I will hopefully share more of my Christmas decorating soon. 

(My chalkboard "art" is a total copy from page 125 of the Better Homes and Gardens "Christmas Ideas" special interest magazine.  I totally loved it.  That magazine is great!  Tons of ideas in it, I've probably read it a million times already!)

Nov 22, 2012

Jute Webbing Christmas Ornaments and a Black Friday Sale!!

(Before I get too far into this post, I just wanted to mention that I'm having a Black Friday/Cyber Monday Sale over at my etsy shop, SimplyChicTreasures.  Use code BlackFriday to receive 15% off your purchase.  Valid now through Monday, November 26, 2012.)

I adore these simple ornaments I whipped up the other day.  I made three of them to hang on the hooks in my laundry room.  Then, last night, I made up a few more to possibly give away as gifts this year. 

They're fairly easy to do, I took a 9" strip of webbing   (You know, the stuff that you see on the bottom of chairs, etc.  I bought mine at Joann's).  folded it in half, sewed up the sides and then added my embellishments. 

I added a piece of lace to the top, a piece of torn muslin with a snowman stamped onto it and some silver jingle bells.  Everything was hotglued in place. 

I placed some greenery, berries and a candy cane inside, but you really could add whatever you wanted, or whatever you have on hand.  And if you don't have any webbing, why not use burlap?  They would be just as charming. 

I hope to share a furniture makeover with you soon.  With the colder weather and christmas crafting/decorating I haven't been doing as much painting furniture though. 

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Nov 16, 2012

Advent Calendar from a Printer's Drawer

This idea has been swimming around in my head ever since I purchased this printers drawer at a yard sale in the summer. 
It was fairly simply to do, all I did was print out various sizes and fonts of numbers with red ink onto cardstock.  I then cut them out and randomly fit them into the different spaces. 
For a little extra sparkle, I "diamond dusted" each number!
I also added a few little extras, some snowflakes, beads, bells, and red glitter stickers that I put onto cardstock.
There are a few ways you could work this calendar... You could write on the back a fun activity to do each day, or you could hide a candy behind each number.  I haven't done either yet, but my husband is voting for the candy, preferably chocolate!
I am right into my Christmas crafting now!  It's so fun.  Glitter and sparkles are flying every which way, the printer is humming, and the paint brush is out!  What a wonderful time of year! 

Nov 13, 2012

Some Fun Christmas Pillows

 A few weeks ago, I needed a specific fabric, and some red ribbon, so off to fabricland I headed.  As soon as I walked in the door, I was confronted with this fabric...

 And loved it right off.  So, of course, even though I had no idea what I would do with it, I bought some and some in red, too.  So, did I get the other fabric I needed?  Well.... no, but I did remember the red ribbon!
Yesterday, I was in a creative mood, so, I whipped up a couple pillow covers out of it. 

The christmas theme is subtle, which I like, because it means I can put them out sooner!

And then, inspired by this pillow here, I whipped up another cover last night. 
There's no Silhouette in my craft room, so I did up the letters the old fashioned way with freezer paper.
The word "vintage"  I printed directly onto a piece of muslin.  To do this, I iron a piece of muslin onto a piece of freezer paper, then shoot it through my inkjet printer.  You have to be careful it doesn't jam, though.  And... shhh... don't tell anyone, but I just glued the muslin piece on.  I'm not planning on washing it, so it shouldn't be a problem.
What kind of a Christmas are you dreaming of?  The word vintage could easily be substituted. 
Sorry for the lack of posts lately.  Last week was spent up at my parents' place so my husband could test out his deer hunting skills.  I've got a few christmas projects on the go, including a great advent calendar.  And I should have a few furniture makeovers to share with you soon, too. 

Nov 8, 2012

Some New Items!

I don't talk too much about my etsy shop, simplychictreasures, here, but I thought that I would mention that I've added some new items, just in time for Christmas!
Several varieties of this lovely frayed, hand-stamped muslin ribbon....
I've made up a bunch of these muslin and burlap ornaments, and plan to hang a few on my own tree, too.
I love this cream and red print that I used for this pillow cover
There's also a few new book bundles...
And if you're in need of a new runner for your christmas table, perhaps this one with it's lovely script ruffles and red poinsettia is what you're looking for.
I`ve also added a few new vintage items. 
A stack of kids records from the 1950s... Frame these up and they would make an awesome gallery wall!
And some matching Christmas titles!
This rusty old scale is perfect just the way it is!
Think of the storage this old train case gives.