Oct 4, 2012

Any advice?

On one of my recent ventures in Detroit, Michigan, my husband and I stopped at a little antique store. (It was actually in Taylor... I think).  It looked kind of cute on the outside.. There was old "junk" nailed all over the outside walls, and the front lawn was strewn with stuff.  Intriguing enough to make us want to stop.  Okay, NEVER going back there again! The inside of this tiny building was filthy and everything was strewn everywhere.  I know this may be an intriguing picture to some of you, and normally it wouldn't faze me.  However, this place was just so sketchy feeling.  We hightailed it out of there pretty fast... except I got sidetracked by this little chest I saw out of the corner of my eye outside.  I handed him my thirty five dollars, made out my own receipt on a  piece of old paper and booted it outta there.  (The guy said he'd been in business for 35 + years, and didn't even have a receipt book...?  Hmmm, is there something wrong with that picture?)  In case you're wondering why I needed a receipt so badly, it was because we were going to be taking this back across the border into Canada.

I brought it home and cleaned it up with some soap (basic H, germicide, AND Fantastik... I went all out with this one!)  And then I cleaned it some more, it was that filthy.  Then I rubbed on a mixture of lemon juice and vegetable oil to give the wood a bit of a shine. 

I set it on top of this jelly cupboard ( I think that's what it's called, does anyone know for sure?)  that I purchased in the summer.  I bought it intentionally for myself :-)  It's gone into my craft room and I'm storing mostly books and magazines in it, along with other junk. 

Now, this cupboard was painted white when I bought it.  It's not the greatest paint job in the world.  What do you think... should I sand it down and repaint it?  White?  Or maybe turquoise?  The walls in the room are white, and I have another hutch that is white as well.  I'm also thinking about stripping it down to the bare wood.  Any ideas?

Another thing I picked up is this wire basket.  I had been wanting an authentic one for a while now, and I found this in the summer. 

I found it at a "flea market".  There was one lone vintage booth in the midst of a sea of cheap merchandise, all imported from China.  My vintage canning jars look great in it on top of my kitchen cupboards.  Does anyone happen to know what it would have originally been used for?
It was 25.00 for the basket, 6 or 7 blue ball mason jars, and 4 old electrical insulators. 

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  1. What great finds!! I love that chest, and what a funny story about the weird place you found it. I think the cupboard would be lovely turquoise. Look forward to seeing what you do!

  2. I think that chest would look great either white or turquoise. I am not a fan of natural wood, though I know a lot of people are. Quite the story of where you got it! I really like that wire basket. Very nice!

  3. Do you really want people to suggest colors for your jelly cupboard? Well I'll give it a shot. How about brown for the main body, light tan and aqua/turqoise for the door panels? Think that would be pretty and give more interest to the cupboard. Ok now you can tell me to mind my own beeswax, lol. I can never do something the easy way, have to give things just a little extra zing, more work but the effect is worth it.
    Will be interesting to see what you do. The cupboard on top would be great in turqoise with maybe some light tan? Have fun with it, go that little extra mile.

  4. That wire basket is so incredible, I've a real passion for wire baskets and with the handle like yours, oh me. Maybe used for canning? or a milk man used to carry bottles? oOOOOHHH how I'd love to have that basket. Never see them here in Grand Junction, Co area. Don't see alot of things here, bummer. Im a frustrated junker I guess

  5. I have absolutely fell in love with your blog! I am your newest follower.

  6. I love that chest just the way you finished it - cleaning and polishing. the cupboard I would sand off some of the white, then give it a good coat of wax. My favorite is that wire basket - they are getting hard to find!

    Distressed Donna Down Home

  7. Such charming finds! The little box that you cleaned up is a really pretty color! And I like the little white cupboard, as well. I like Donna's idea to sand it a little and a little wax. Such a cute collection for your craft room!

  8. Haha! Welcome to the U.S. :) It is a neat little cabinet. That is a great wire basket,and what a deal with all that stuff too! Not sure what it would have been used for though. Thank you for sharing this at Rustic Restorations weekend.

  9. Oh I love both finds! They are outstanding! Wish I knew exactly what it is used for...hoping we might get some answers I am asking our friends on Junkin Joe today for some help! Sending hugs!!!

  10. Since you have a lot of black, white and light beige, how about just leaving it the way it is, or a light sand and fresh white, and then add some vintage sheet music to the five inserts. :) It is really darling !

  11. I actually like the jelly cupboard white but distressing/sanding a bit would be pretty. If you did the same to the new piece, it would look great together as well.

  12. That is a great little wood piece, and I really like the old white cabinet. I like it white, but then I am also partial to turquoise. Love the wire basket, I am also searching for one, and I think it was a great deal for the lot.

  13. Popped over from MMM. My husband says this is a tool and die makers chest and your lucky to find one for under $200.00. Thought you'de like to know this! What a score!

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