Sep 26, 2012

Some More Coffee Sack Upholstery And a Yard Sale Adventure!

Remember this chair that I did a few weeks ago? 
Well, the lady who bought it ended up wanting a few more done in exactly the same manner.

 I hopefully have found a local source for coffee bags. 
I painted these with Cece Caldwell paint in Vermont Slate.  Then, when I waxed them, I added some black paint into the wax, to darken them down a tad. 
I had fun doing the seats on these.  No two are alike.
They all had really great legs, too.
And, on a completely different subject, I went to a yard sale on Friday.  I know, big surprise right?  Anyways, this was quite the sale.  The guy had quite a lot of furniture.  I was checking out a pair of nightstands, and he came over to talk to me.  I mentioned that they would need a lot of work, hoping of course to get him to lower the price.  Well, it turns out he had just refinished them.  Talk about putting my foot in my mouth!  They were absolutely horrible, you could hardly open the drawers, there was so much paint gooped up on them.  Silver and black streaks all over them, and they were supposed to be "distressed".  I so wish I had a picture of them to share their awfulness!
I did buy two dresser from him, though.  This first one I bought only for the glass knobs that it came with. 
You're probably thinking that doesn't look too bad.  Wait until you get a close up of the drawer!
Youch!  He had just finished this one!  I won't be redoing this one.  There is just way too much paint gooped on and dripping all over it to be worth my time.  Ah well, the knobs were totally worth the price.  You'll be seeing them again soon.  They are going to be put on a dresser I am painting black for my sister-in-law.
And I also bought this dresser to redo. 
Thankfully, he was selling it "as is".  Meaning he hadn't touched it yet!  (What a relief!)
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Sep 18, 2012

Classic Black Mission Desk

This is one of the those pieces that I wish I could keep.  It's very solid, very sturdy, and quite old. 
It's all solid wood, including those chunky legs.  Most likely it's cherry, at least according to my dad. 
When I brought it home, it was very wobbly, so my husband and dad took it all apart, scraped all the old glue and totally reglued it. It's like a rock now!  Sorry I can't share any pictures of this process.  I know that I took some, but I just can't seem to find them. 
If the top hadn't been so bad, I probably wouldn't have painted this one. (It actually looked worse than what the picture shows.  And this was after sanding it down. 
So, I gave in and painted it black.  I used Rustoleum's paint in black. (In a can, not their spray paint.)  That paint goes on like a dream.  Or at least it used to.  Has anyone used black since they changed their paint?  I used to love their white paint, as well.  I started using one of their new cans (in white) and it just wasn't anywhere near as nice as it was. 
I lightly distressed the edges only on this piece. 
Since the gold knobs that came with it obviously weren't original, I switched them out for these pretty glass ones. 

It has a large work surface, perfect for spreading out on! 

Sep 15, 2012

Dollar Tree Pumpkin No Longer

I have a mile-long-to-do-list right now!  So, this post will be a little... but still sweet of  course :) 
I bought several of these little pumpkins from the Dollar Tree.  Mainly because I was in love with their faux orange-styrofoamy loveliness.  I especially adored the line running horizontally across them. 
When I had a few moments this week, I tackled a few of them.  This is what I did to the first one:
I had a piece of paper with lots of nice swirly handwriting, postmarks, etc. across it.  I made a couple of colour copies of it on my new :-) coloured printer.  And decoupaged them onto the pumpkin.  It tooks about 1 3/4 8.5x11 sheets to cover one pumpkin. 
 Pretty easy to do, actually, and it covered up all that faux orangyness. Because, you know, postcard, script covered, decoupaged pumpkins are more natural looking. I picked this one straight out of my garden :-)
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Sep 11, 2012

Laundry Room Makeover

 This room has been a long time coming. It's our laundry room/freezer room/utility room/back entrance all-in-one.  It was originally painted over peach wallpaper with a lovely goosey border at the top.  Shortly after we moved in I thought I would be smart and start taking off the wallpaper.  I probably should have just painted over it again.  It was 1000x harder than taking off normal wallpaper, plus they hadn't primed the drywall underneath, so it was just leaving a huge mess behind.  So my mums and pops came down to rescue me and we put up beadboard throughout the room. 

I'm not even going to admit to you how long I looked at walls like this. 

It's actually been done for a little while now, so sorry that I'm a bit late getting these pictures up.
The beadboard that we put up was preprimed, however I did put on two coats of white paint after it was all up.   Once the walls were all freshly painted, the cupboards looked dingy in comparsion, so I also put some semi-gloss paint onto the cupboards.
This picture is looking in through the kitchen doorway.

And this view (below) is kind of looking in from the back door.

The chalkboard originally was given to us in an oak frame, however we decided that we loved the look of an unframed chalkboard.  I love the edges of it. They are slightly rusty.

It's magnetic, so I was able to easily hang up this cute penant I made. 
My husband framed out the electrical panel and then I tacked some wallpaper onto the back.  I will probably be changing it up every so often.

My husband is an electrician, so he wanted the beadboard panel that covers the electical panel easily removable, so if he ever wants to work on the wiring he has easy access to it.  So, this slice of beadboard paneling was installed with screws instead of nails like the rest of the room. 

Hmmm, the top of the fridge doesn't always look this tidy. But I can dream, right?  That basket on the right I purchased for 10 cents at a yard sale.  In fact I purchased a couple of other things at that sale, and they all were ten cents each... super score!  You can read about the potato chip can here.

For now, I made three of these to hang on the knobs that we hung on the wall beneath the cupboards.  They will probably change at christmas time, though.  My father-in-law routered the board for us. 
My husband and I found the hardware at hobby lobby in the states.  We both love it!

It's so much more refreshing to be out there now.  Plus, now that everything is white I have more motivation to keep everything clean, since all the dirt shows. 
I will probably be tweaking here and there and changing things up every so often, but for now, it's pretty much done. 

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Sep 6, 2012

Chair Painted in "Grainsack" milkpaint and a few updates

So, one Saturday morning in August I peeked out my front door and spotted a yard sale two houses away. Not only did I spy a yard sale, but I spied a pair of chairs!  I wasn't quite ready for the day yet, so I hustled my husband out the door to scope them out for me.  He reported that they were sturdy, and a great price, so I hurried him back out the door to purchase them for me. 

Here is what I have done to the first one:
I used milk paint in Grain Sack by miss mustard seed.  I actually ordered it straight from the Homestead House company back at the beginning of August.  This is the only piece I've used it on so far, though. 

I was lucky and it ended up being quite flaky and crackly!

I love the fabric I used! If you look closely, just below the '24', you can see Orangeville (I went to highschool in Orangeville, so I just had to point that out.)  There are a few other Canadian cities on the seat, too.

On this one, I really only sanded around the edges, and then enough to knock off the flaky paint.  It was fun :-)

If you've never tried it, you should definitely give milk paint a go.  It's nice to work with and it always surprises me.   

I haven't touched the second chair yet, though.  It's on my massive to-do list.  You may have noticed my lack of posting for the past couple of weeks.  My husband and I flew to Saskatchewan to attend his brother's wedding.  My husband flew home again after a few days, but I spent the next bit of time travelling back to Ontario with my parents.  What a road trip!  We arrived back at my parents on Saturday night, but I stayed the weekend there and got back here monday night!  I've been busy getting things back in order and catching up!

In case you're curious, here's what the chair looked like before I tackled it. 

Hopefully I will have a few more posts this week.  Our laundry room is pretty much done... whoohoo!  Now I just have to clear my excess furniture out of there so I can take some pictures. 

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