May 30, 2012

"Zincified" Owl

Lately, I've really been liking the look of zinc, and when I saw this post on how to create a faux zinc look, I immediately (literally!)  went in search of something that I could 'zincify'. 

My immediate search resulted in the desire to paint immediately, which resulted in dinner not getting cooked right away.  Ah well, my husband survived a late dinner... and the best part is that we now we have a faux zinc owl perched in our living room!

This is how my owl started out it's life.  I think it was a part of a job lot at an auction, but I can't remember for sure.  You can actually stick a tealight in the back of it, if you wanted to. 

And this is what it looks like today!

So much better right?  Basically all I did was paint it black, then dry brush some silver metallic paint over top... Easy peasy!  But if you want all the details, DTTD has a great tutorial. 

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  1. Thank you for visiting my blog and following me! I'm now your newest follower :)

  2. How cute. I bought a little owl like this on clearance and it would look perfect like this. Right now it's teal and brown in color so it doesn't look too bad =)

    Visiting from Shabby Creek and also am a Linky Follower

  3. Cynthia, your zincified owl looks awesome! I'm so happy that you found my tutorial helpful :-) And I have to tell you, you'll be wanting to zincify everything that isn't moving - it's very addictive!

    Thanks for the shout-out, and happy zincifying!


  4. I have the faux zinc tut pinned and can't wait to try it! Looks great! ~ Maureen

  5. How cute!!
    I did mirror make over once and come to think of it, it looks like zinc!
    I guess I did zincfying without even noticing it,haha

  6. I love your owl, it turned out super cute!!!! I will have to try this, I have two owls waiting for a makeover :)

    Hugs, Tanya

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