Mar 29, 2012

Getting In On The OMBRE Trend!

I purchased this dresser at an auction.  It was originally part of a set... the auctioneer wouldn't separate them. I ended up reselling the rest of the pieces to the man bidding against me.  I didn't particularly want too, but we don't have a large house to store extra items in and I was already going to have to make two trips home that day, and if I had kept the other dresser and nightstands... well, that would have made three trips and an unhappy husband, so the best case scenario was ditching the rest of the set. 

I have seen several ombre dressers, and have really loved them.  In fact, ever since I saw the one, from Primitive and Proper, I have been on the lookout for a mid-century piece to redo.

And here is my version...

I used Rustoleum semi-gloss white paint on the body and Ace Hardware's new line of paint on the drawers.  Too be honest, I wasn't totally impressed with it.  It took three coats to give it good coverage, and seemed a little thin.  But, since we were able to take advantage of their promotion a few weeks ago, I'm not complaining. If you are interested, the colours were: Carthage, Peace River, Rossland and Eastern Shoreline. 

Eastern Shoreline was the darkest one, and I found it a little too dark and too much contrast between it and the next lightest, Rossland, so added some lighter paint in to lighten it up a bit. 
Sorry, but this is the only in process picture you're going to get of this one!  I thought I had taken a before picture, but I guess I thought wrong!

I used Rubb n buff on the hardware.  It was my first experience, and I quite liked it.  In fact, I will be sharing a lamp in a few days that was refreshed with it. 

Here's some more pictures...

If you are interested in how I made the framed chalkboard, you can click HERE.

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  1. Love how this turned out, and you have just inspired me. I bought a small chest today & was trying to figure out something new to do and THIS is a win. LOVE LOVE LOVE the blues.

  2. Wow I love your turquoise things and your ombre dresser, the colours are beautiful!

  3. Very nice job! Guess it's time for you to get a truck or trailer. Then, you won't be leaving things behind at the auction! ~ Maureen

  4. Love it!! I loved Cassie's piece as well, and I love yours! The color look great together! Such a cute dresser!

  5. Adorable! You did a wonderful job!
    Would love for you to come by to link it up to my Creative Inspirations party happening NOW! I would love to have you there!
    Stacey of Embracing Change

  6. I love this! You did a wonderful job!

  7. Hi Cynthia, thanks for stopping by. I love the colors on this dresser! You did a fab job!

  8. Oh A girl after my own heart! I just did a blue ombre kitchen cart and it would totally match this dresser color for color! I would love for you to come link it up at my Thrifty Under {$50} Friday Party! Hope to see you soon!


  9. Your chest of drawers is simply beautiful! Love, love, love the colors! So calming!
    thanks for linking up and linking back to catch as catch can!

  10. ugh! blogger ate my comment.
    love, love, love your chest of drawers! thanks for linking up and linking back to catch as catch can.

  11. Love those bright vibrant colors.

  12. This turned out great! I love the colors you chose. What a beautiful piece of furniture :-)

  13. That is completely awesome. I love the graduation of colors!!! I also Posted about a little piece of furniture today. Two shades of yellow painted in wide vertical lines. I LOVE it. And found the perfect place in my house for it.
    Kudos on such a great job!

  14. So beautiful! Saw you at Gingerbread's and am now a happy GFC follower.

  15. That looks lovely! Your version is so pretty, the turquoise is perfect.

  16. Absolutely beautiful! Love your version better!! Give yourself a big pat on the back - for a terrific job! Heather :)

  17. This makes me smile I love the combination of colors it looks really great.

  18. This looks fabulous! I'm a HUGE fan of Mid Century Mod anyway but with these colors....DREAMY!

  19. Cynthia, Great job on your dresser. Love the colours!!
    Aunt Barb

  20. Cynthia, your ombre dresser looks amazing and I am in love with these turquoise colors! That's too bad about the paint quality, but the colors really look fantastic!

  21. another treasure!! looks great!

  22. gorgeous! i love the colors- i did a similar piece last summer that i kept for myself. i love the fun look!

  23. It's beautiful! You did a lovely job and the colors are perfect!

  24. I love the colors you chose for this piece! Thanks so much for sharing at Beautify It Monday - We hope you'll come back next week!

  25. I have been spying these ombre pieces and I hope to do one before they're out of style. LOL! I think I love the turquoise shading like yours the best! You did a GREAT job on your own version & thanks for the clue-in on the paint quality.

  26. You did an absolutely awesome job!

    I'm sharing this on our FB page today!

    Thanks so much for linking up at Feature Friday FREE-FOR-ALL!


  27. Your dresser is lovely - you've done a beautiful job! I have this linked to my ombre post too today, well done!