Mar 29, 2012

Getting In On The OMBRE Trend!

I purchased this dresser at an auction.  It was originally part of a set... the auctioneer wouldn't separate them. I ended up reselling the rest of the pieces to the man bidding against me.  I didn't particularly want too, but we don't have a large house to store extra items in and I was already going to have to make two trips home that day, and if I had kept the other dresser and nightstands... well, that would have made three trips and an unhappy husband, so the best case scenario was ditching the rest of the set. 

I have seen several ombre dressers, and have really loved them.  In fact, ever since I saw the one, from Primitive and Proper, I have been on the lookout for a mid-century piece to redo.

And here is my version...

I used Rustoleum semi-gloss white paint on the body and Ace Hardware's new line of paint on the drawers.  Too be honest, I wasn't totally impressed with it.  It took three coats to give it good coverage, and seemed a little thin.  But, since we were able to take advantage of their promotion a few weeks ago, I'm not complaining. If you are interested, the colours were: Carthage, Peace River, Rossland and Eastern Shoreline. 

Eastern Shoreline was the darkest one, and I found it a little too dark and too much contrast between it and the next lightest, Rossland, so added some lighter paint in to lighten it up a bit. 
Sorry, but this is the only in process picture you're going to get of this one!  I thought I had taken a before picture, but I guess I thought wrong!

I used Rubb n buff on the hardware.  It was my first experience, and I quite liked it.  In fact, I will be sharing a lamp in a few days that was refreshed with it. 

Here's some more pictures...

If you are interested in how I made the framed chalkboard, you can click HERE.

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Mar 27, 2012

Hi Everyone!

 I am just popping in this morning to announce the giveaway winner!

It is...

Lori from All Things Chic2!  Who said...
"Love the ruffles!!! I'm a follower , I also invite you to visit my world too!!!
Blessings Lori"
If you have never visited her blog, you should take a moment... you won't be disappointed!

Congratulations Lori!  You'll have to let me know whether you wanted the tablerunner, or the pillow  cover.

(I used
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Mar 26, 2012

Some Lovely Inspiration and Giveaway Reminder

First off, I want to remind everyone that my giveaway ends tonight!  Click HERE for a chance to win a ruffled pillow, or burlap tablerunner.
Ruffled Muslin PillowBurlap Table Runner - Ruffled 12"x71" (Custom sizes also available) Tablerunner
Each week as I visit link parties, I see so many things that inspire me.  So, I decided to share some of them here, partly as a record of what I liked and perhaps to use as inspiration in the future, and to inspire you, my readers, as well. 

This lovely vanity from "Vintage Goods" is just exactly the style that I am looking for to use as a desk in my living room.  I really love the colours she chose for it. 

And I adore this vanity by Chrissie's Collections!
Isn't the drawer liner just too amazing!

And this dresser from Ruth's Farm and Furniture is so sweet.
She used pages from Jack and the Beanstalk to cover the drawer fronts. 

Make sure you come back tommorow morning when I announce a winner!

Mar 22, 2012

Easter Eggs!

Every year I have to make at least one type of easter egg.  This year, I sheet musiced some!

I recently acquired a paper shredder for $2.00 at an auction.  Okay, now most people would think to themselves... "Yeah, now I have a paper shredder I can shred all those important documents with personal information on them."  Me... guess what I thought? "Yeah!!!  Now I can shred up sheet music for crafts!"

I nestled them in a little berry box that I painted back in February in anticipation of Easter.

And I dusted them with diamond dust for a little sparkle.

They started out looking more like this... all white and strofoamy.  I confess I actually had them out on display like that for over a week before I got around to prettying them up. 

Thanks for stopping by!

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Mar 20, 2012

French Script Coffee Table

I picked up this table for a steal at a local auction a couple of weekends ago.  I wasn't too surprised though...It was in rough shape. The veneer was badly peeling off the bottom shelf and it was wobbly.  I shared a sneak peak of this a few days ago.   

This is how much veneer was left after I pulled up those loose pieces off the bottom.
Not much, eh?  It sure made removing the veneer a fairly easy task.  And the wobbliness was fixed by hammering in some of the original nails that had worked themselves loose.

I painted it with the homemade chalk paint mixture (I used plaster of paris).  Now, when you read about it usually says that sanding is not necessary.  So, I went ahead and slapped the paint on sans sanding.  MiStAke!  The paint peeled badly.  So I sanded it off, gave the table a good sanding and redid it. 

I thought it was missing a little something, so I found this graphic at the Graphics Fairy and took it to a local store and had it enlarged.  I transferred it by scribbling pencil all over the back of the paper and then tracing over the lines with a pencil. 

As you can see, the pencil left some smudge marks, but they wiped off easily after it was all painted, which was a relief.

  Here it is all painted. I sanded it to distress it. (And also, because my hand isn't perfect and there were a few wobbles I needed to hide!)

Here's a few pictures of the completed piece.  The paint was an oops colour, so I can't tell you the name, but it's a pretty light blue. 

ANDD... just a reminder, If you haven't entered my giveaway, you can click HERE! For a chance to win this pillow....
Or this runner!
Burlap Table Runner - Ruffled 12"x71" (Custom sizes also available) Tablerunner

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Mar 19, 2012

Giveaway Celebration

Well, remember I mentioned last week to look for a giveaway soon?  Well... here it is! 

To say thank you for following me, I have decided to give to one lucky reader their choice of this lovely muslin  pillow cover...

Burlap Table Runner - Ruffled 12"x71" (Custom sizes also available) Tablerunner
(The runner is 71" long, but can be any length you desire, up to 75")

More details on each of these two items can be found at my Etsy shop, SimplyChicTreasures here.

And because you guys are SO great, this cute little frame will also be included in your package!

Okay... so how do you enter?  It`s pretty simple!

1.  Please be a follower of Simply Chic Treasures.  (Either GFC or Linky).
 I have added the Linky Followers to my blog, so if you already follow via GFC, please consider adding me to your Linky list as well.
Please leave a comment on this post to enter.  

The giveaway will be open until March 26th and I will announce the winner first thing on Tuesday morning,
March 27th! 
USA and Canadian entries only, please.
Good luck!!!!

Oh... and one more thing... I just wanted to mention my new button! (Thanks to my brother Nathan, for designing it!)

Mar 16, 2012

My Lucy Maud Montgomery Find!

Sorry no furniture reveals today!  Today I wanted to talk about one of my recent finds. 

One of the things that I collect is vintage Lucy Maud Montgomery books.  I only have about 7 or 8 in my collection and sometimes sneak them into my blog via staging....
The top one in the above picture is an antique store find.

And... they're even in my profile picture.  The top two in the above pic are Montgomery books.
So, You can imagine my delight when I saw this book on display at a thrift store!

It was priced at $10.00.  I will be revealing a bit of my... ummm... economical... nature here when I say that I hesitated when I saw the price.  But... it had it`s original dust jacket, and I suspected that it was a first edition, so I went ahead and purchased it.  And when I researched it on the internet when I got home, let`s just say that I was pleasantly surprised by my 10.00 investment!

This tattered and faded 1920 copy of Rilla of Ingleside is one of my favorites since it belonged to my great-grandmother. 

Do you collect old books?

And... I know I said no furniture... but here's a sneak peak of what I've been working on this week...

Mar 6, 2012

A Writing Desk? A Kitchen Cart? A Vanity? An Entryway Table?

Hmmm... as the title hints at, those are the many things that I thought this piece could be.
I bought it at a little second hand store, run by a man who was quite a storyteller... When I bought it, it was the first time I had been in. That man had so many lamps and lamp parts, it was almost ridiculous! We bartered on the price a little bit, and I walked away with this "beauty."

I guess calling it a beauty is stretching it a bit.... It was in rather sad shape. (I had already started working on it in the picture above). I sanded down the top to refinish it. I didn't sand it perfectly, though. There were way too many scrapes and gouges to ever hope of being able to get it perfect. So...I decided to work with it and let them show up... after all, it's an older piece... it should look old!

I used Golden Oak this time instead of the dark walnut shade that I normally use. I just thought it suited this piece.

And... the picture you've all been waiting for..

I'm kind of letting the cat out of the bag here, but I'm terribly tempted to keep this one and use it as a kitchen cart, since the top matches our new Ikea wooden countertops... I haven't decided yet, though.
I would add a towel rack to the side and some wooden casters that I've been hoarding saving for the perfect piece. I will have to do some rearranging of furniture, though, and I'm not sure it will work.

I purchased the new knobs on clearance at Home Hardware for only a dollar each.

I lined the drawer with old dictionary pages. I love how it's divided!

I've gotten so much use out of this $1.00 yard sale frame. (You can see here what I did with it at Christmas.)

Right now it's holding a picture of my dad as a little boy and the car is his 1937 Nash Lafayette. 

And... you may or may not have noticed, but I have passed 200 followers and will be celebrating within a week, or so, with a giveaway!