Feb 23, 2012

Aqua and White Desk

My husband and I drove to a little town about 20 min. away to pick up this little desk that I just completed.  

The price was right and the lines were good.  
It had previously been painted white, but it was chipped and scratched and in definite need of some love. 

These next two pictures are after about 2 hours of sanding.  Whoever painted it didn't do that great a job.  There were heavy drips, especially around the edges.  
Apparently, it had been painted green before its white makeover.

I thoroughly primed the entire desk.  And then painted it with Fresh Sea Air by Beautitone.  This paint was actually left over from my dining room.  It looks darker on the walls, though, then on the desk.  The drawers and sides of the desk I painted white for a bit of a contrast.  


And... I did something I don't normally do... I painted the drawers... inside and out!  The outsides had previously been painted and the insides were so beat up with pencil marking etc, I didn't really have a choice!

This fun wrapping paper was picked up at Walmart... and I love it!

I HAD to replace the hardware.  Those lovely, yellowed, plastic ones just didn't cut it for me! 

I just love how it turned out!  It's so much brighter and fresher now! (Not to mention cleaner, too!)  The perfect desk for a little girl... or it could be used as a vanity!

See you soon!

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Feb 16, 2012

Maple Dresser Makeover

This was a dresser I bought off Kijiji towards the beginning of the month.  I was a lucky girl that day and my husband took me to Swiss Chalet for dinner beforehand.  It was basically your typical maple dresser.

It was so mild the next day, that I was able to sand down and refinish the top OUTSIDE.  Mind you, I did wear my winter coat, but I barely felt the cold at all.  In Febuary... in Ontario! Crazy! 

The top got two coats of dark walnut stain.

I used one coat of white primer, and one coat of grey paint, and then gave it a light sanding, so the white and a little bit of the wood underneath would show through.

I also switched up the original hardware with some shiny silver ones.

I really wanted to paint this one white... it seems to be my go to colour.  It goes with everything, and it seems to sell a little quicker than any other colour.  But, I have been dying to try out grey on something, so I gave in. It's definitely my most masculine feeling piece, so far.  Who knows, if it doesn't sell, it may just end up white!

And... this is a sneaky peak of what I was working on last night...I'm a little nervous about how this one is going to turn out!

See you soon!

Feb 8, 2012

I Think I Might Like Turquoise?

Well, as the title so aptly declares... I think I might like turquoise!? (or aqua, or robin's egg blue... whatever you want to call it!)

I recently did a couple of little projects using my favorite turquoise.

This mirror....

That started out looking more like this...

It's not that it was really a bad colour...and I didn't actually mind it...(I actually have a purse that matches it perfectly...)  I just like this colour better! It's just a little bit brighter, happier, and nicer.

I think I bought this mirror in September. No, I am NOT a procrastinator in the leastest bit!

And then, there was this stool.  It was also bought it in the fall.   It was nothing special, just normal brown wood and a rusty/orange velvet covering on the seat.   I thought I had taken a before picture, but I can't seem to find it.  My husband complains about the mess I always make with my files... oops!
On the last nice day before the cold weather set in, I grabbed it and quickly threw a couple of coats of paint onto it.   

And then it sat...and sat... and sat... (Don't even think it... I do not procrastinate!) until a week or so ago, when I was suddenly inspired to cover it in drop cloth.

I looked at it...and it seemed a little too plain and boring.  So, I added a little bit of a stencil to the center.

...and some crocheted lace trim around the edge.
And the best part?  A nice lady came and bought it within 24 hrs of me posting it for sale!  Gotta love that :-)

I have been feeling a little bit under the weather this past week... but hopefully next week I will have a dresser to share with you!

See you soon!

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