Nov 29, 2011

A Redo of a Redo!

This chair has been another one of those works in progress.  It seems with the onset of the cooler weather, I have lost some of my motivation as it's just so much more of a process to work on things indoors. 

Anyways, I finally got this chair done last week:
This is a before picture.  I think someone was planning on redoing it, but never got around to it, because the seat was off and the old fabric already removed.

My husband and I debated back and forth a bit over what to do with the seat.  He built me a new seat out of pallet boards, wanting to give it a rustic look. I then stained it dark walnut.

Neither of us was sure whether we liked it after it was stained, so, I recovered the original seat with a piece of drop cloth and added some stripes to give a faux grain sack effect.

My husband calls them racing stripes... he doesn't quite get it ;-)

 All in all, I think it's lovely, and it's now ready for a new home!

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  1. oh i love it now! i am doing something similar to a little stool for my daughter's room... at least i think i am. ;) we'll see what happens!

  2. I love the stripes!! Great makeover. :))

    Thanks for sharing at the Shabby Creek Cottage


  3. Wonderful job on that seat! So much cheaper than the real thing for sure! :) Yeah...more often than not, the guys just don't get!

    xoxo laurie

  4. Sometimes it takes two or more tries to get it just the way we envision it in our heads. Turned out great!

  5. Super! What type of paint did you use?

  6. It looks great! That etching detail on top of the chair is really cute!I am hosting my first ever blog hop this weekend and I would LOVE if you stopped by to link some stuff up!

    Kim @ Too Much Time

  7. Great look, glad I found you. I'm a new follower too.

  8. Turned out great. I'd love it if you joined my party too!