Nov 29, 2011

A Redo of a Redo!

This chair has been another one of those works in progress.  It seems with the onset of the cooler weather, I have lost some of my motivation as it's just so much more of a process to work on things indoors. 

Anyways, I finally got this chair done last week:
This is a before picture.  I think someone was planning on redoing it, but never got around to it, because the seat was off and the old fabric already removed.

My husband and I debated back and forth a bit over what to do with the seat.  He built me a new seat out of pallet boards, wanting to give it a rustic look. I then stained it dark walnut.

Neither of us was sure whether we liked it after it was stained, so, I recovered the original seat with a piece of drop cloth and added some stripes to give a faux grain sack effect.

My husband calls them racing stripes... he doesn't quite get it ;-)

 All in all, I think it's lovely, and it's now ready for a new home!

Nov 22, 2011

Coffee Table Completed!

Well, I got busy last week, and worked on that duncan phyfe style coffee table that I posted a sneak peak of.  Oh to have nice weather again!  I love the look of snow and can't imagine Christmas without it, but I can certainly do without the cold temperatures that come with it! I managed to paint all but the last coat outside, but had to retreat indoors for the final one.  I have a huge piece of cardboard from when we bought our freezer that I lay on the kitchen floor to protect it.

Here is a before pic:
I already had the top mostly sanded down before I remembered to take a picture. This table actually has a piece of glass that goes with it to protect the top, but the finish on the top was horrible! Not sure how that happened?  I guess they didn't like to use the glass... either that or they got the glass after they realized what a mess they were making of the top!

This was an auction find.  That seems to be where I find a lot of my pieces to redo.  Not sure if I should admit this, or not, but a common question people ask me is "So, been to any good auction sales lately?" 

I had recently bought the table shown below and when I saw this coffee table I realized how nicely they would go together.

I have been researching wood grains online, and I think it is mahogany, but I wish my dad lived close, so he could help me figure it out!

Now, hopefully someone loves it as much as I do!  I have another chair competed that I will be posting about soon, too!

Nov 18, 2011

Turquoise Chalkboard

Lately I've been feeling the need for a chalkboard to jot things down on in my sewing room. 
So, I looked though my stash of frames and such for something appropriate and settled on this picture.  I paid a whole one dollar for it at an auction back in the spring.  It's not that I hated the picture, or anything, it just didn't really suit my decor.  Each different flower actually represented each province of Canada.

So, I slapped a few coat of my favorite turquoise paint onto the frame, all the while feeling a little bit guilty and hoping I wasn't destroying a valuable print. 

I didn't even bother taping it off... he he.  I just scraped the excess off the glass with a razor blade when I was through. 
And... after a few coats of chalkboard paint..... Ta DA! A brand new chalkboard for me to play with :-)
I painted right over the glass... so far it's holding up good.  I was hesitant to paint right over the actual print... didn't want to destroy the masterpiece.... plus, the real reason was I couldn't really figure out how to get the frame apart and take the glass out ...  Oh... and the darling little mercury glass candle-holder... I got it on clearance for 1.99 and it makes the perfect chalk holder!

The to-do list you see.... it was real... and I have everything done except the tree! Hopefully that will be done this weekend though :)

Nov 15, 2011

Updated Half-Moon Table and a few Sneak peaks

I usually tend to stay away from half-moon tables, but this one was a little nicer and better built than the typical ones you see all the time. 
Here it is in it's before state:
Lucky for me, the top was already mostly sanded down, so the decision to stain the top was an easy one. 
 The pedestal is my favorite part!

I did not distress this piece, I decided I liked it crisp and clean.  

The sheet music Christmas tree was inspired by Miss Mustard Seed.  She has a great tutorial on HGTV.

A few weeks after I bought this table, I found a similar coffee table, which I am slowly working on.  The top is almost sanded down, but it has a bit more detailing on it, so it's taking longer than planned.   Plus, the warm days for working outside are few and far between now!

And.... I just bought this china cabinet on Saturday, and I am quite excited to get working on it.  Any ideas?  I don't think the glass comes out to let me take the fancy scrolly part out. (sorry for the glare from the flash)

Today looks like a nice day, so I'd better get to work on that coffee table!

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Last week, Kathy at Petticoat Junktion honored me with the Liebster Award.

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