Sep 12, 2011

Alberta Trip

 My husband and I had the opportunity last Sunday to attend his brother's wedding... in Alberta!  Lucky us, we were able to fit in some sightseeing, too! 

We visited Lake Louise... absolutely beautiful!

Taken from a sightseeing lift

This next picture was at a picturesque garden in Banff...
We also visited Drumheller, the Royal Tyrell Dinosaur Museum, and some of the Badlands.

Hoodoos, located just east of Drumheller in the Badlands

This was the cutest little skeleton in the whole museum... it was a pigeon!

Largest Dinosaur in the world! (Drumheller)

The wedding was held on Sunday, country style!

This is a sneak peek at my next project that I finished right before we left... be sure to come back soon!

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