Aug 5, 2011

Silver Tray Turned Chalkboard!

I recently bought this silver tray at a thrift store.

You can read about it and some other great finds here. When I saw it in the store, I knew instantly that it would make a great chalkboard.

I think the hardest part of this whole makeover was taping off the edges of the tray.  I had to make sure that the tape was even, and all the individual pieces of tape lined up perfectly where they joined.  I then applied several coats of chalkboard paint. 

Whenever  you use chalkboard paint, you should always rub all over it with your chalk sideways before you use it so when you write, the words aren't burned in to the surface- and no, I do not know that from experience, thankfully!

I thought this tray had gorgeous detailing, and since there was no hallmark on the back indicating its silverness, I didn't feel too bad painting it.

There was a nice pattern over the main part of the tray and now when you hold it a certain way, you can catch a glimpse of it through the paint... I think that's neat.  Unfortunately, you will just have to imagine it, because it didn't show up in any of my oh so NOT professional pictures.

Now it's the perfect piece for writing little inspirational verses on, or catchy phrases in my kitchen. 
(Oh, and in case you were admiring them, the two milk glass vases are available in my etsy shop.)

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  1. What brand of chalkboard paint did you use. I did not like the one I picked up from Lowes. The Tray is beautiful and ended even more beautiful as a chalkboard.


  2. I never thought I would say that a chalkboard is beautiful, but this is beautiful and creative!

  3. Simply beautiful! I love the look of chalkboard paint with silver.

  4. Adorable tray! I might have to try this:)

  5. Very good use of the tray. It not only looks great but is functional too. Good job!

  6. Beautiful tray!!! Love what you've done with it ~ what a wonderful way to say "Welcome". Newest follower.

  7. It's very elegant looking, great job!!


  8. Love! You did an awesome job taping because the edges look perfect! I’m going to start looking for a silver tray to chalkboard now!

  9. I have a tray at home that has been just waiting for me to do something to it. Can't wait to slap some chalkboard paint on it.

    thanks for sharing.

  10. Hubby is making a trip to the hardware store for me tomorrow and CHALKBOARD paint has been something to HAVE me try (thanks for the tutorial that turned out so nice) so I guess I'm slappin' it on his "buy this if you wanna cuz I wanna try" list I keep in his wallet for me (errr, US)

    Visiting from ShabbyNest Linky Party today :D
    ~Suzanne in Illinois