Jul 27, 2011

My Latest Finds

Last Friday my husband and I shopped some great sidewalk sales.  The thrift store in town was half off storewide!   We came home with some great things!  Remember this picture from my Jewel Jar post a few days ago?

Well this is what is ... a true blue vintage tackle box! My husband picked it out for me!  Like I mentioned yesterday, doesn't he have a great eye!  I love it when he comes with me! 

 See the price written on the side there... That meant I had to pay a total of 1.25!
This is going to be perfect for storing craft supplies in my new hutch that I bought to replace the white one one that I sold.  It actually ended up being the exact same, identical, twin, piece!  How crazy is that??  I definitely have my work cut out for me!

Anyways... back to the topic at hand... I bought this silver tray that I will be transforming into a chalkboard someday in the next ten years soon.
I just think it is so pretty.  I haven't decided whether I will just leave the edges in the silver colour, or paint them white.... I guess I'll decide according to the mood I am in when I get at it.

My heart sped up when I spotted this set...
I collect Hughes Cornflower, and when I spotted these, I didn't even hesitate, especially since I only had to pay a whole dollar for them!  I think they're real... but I am definitely not an expert yet.  But they're pretty and I like them.

I found some vintage wallpaper that will be perfect for lining drawers, or the back of a shelf.  The price?  12.5 cents... what a steal!
Saturday, I convinced my husband to get up early to go to some garage sales where I found some pretty frames.
Here is one of them turned into a chalkboard...
I also found this cute vintage train case and a couple of doilies...
It is available now in my Etsy shop.

I also found a dresser that I needed like a hole in my head, but it was so nice and sturdy and at such a nice price, I just couldn't resist.  Here's a kinda bad picture of it, to give you an idea.
Right now I have two pieces in the almost done stages... So, I haven't decided whether I will work on this or my new hutch first. Hmmm... choices...

Jul 26, 2011

French Provincial Dresser

My husband found this dresser for me... doesn't he have great eyes!  
This is what it looked like before... just your typical 70s french provincial chest of drawers.  
Check out the totally awesome stickers on the side!
They were buggers to take off... definitely stuck on there good!

I used two coats of primer, and two coats of paint and finished it off with a coat of minwax.  I decided to leave off the plastic decorative piece from the top drawer.
I spray painted the original hardware and the rubbed a little off on the edges.
There is some really nice details on this piece-
And these swoon worthy feet...
Now it looks all sweet and pretty... perfect for a little girl's bedroom!

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Jul 23, 2011

Jewel Jar Idea

This is a pretty little Jewel Jar that I decorated yesterday.  I thought it turned out kinda pretty and decided  I would share it with you. 

The label is off of the Graphics Fairy.  I printed it out, then tea stained it... had to make it look old you know.  I teared the edges to give it a bit of a worn look.

Added a little pink sparkle to the bottom, then tied it on with ribbons and lace... and a bit of authentically vintage rickrack :)

Don't the words "Jewel Jar" sound so pretty?  So much nicer than... old canning jar!

I couldn't resist snapping this picture of a little depression sherbet dish I love...
I visited a few thrift stores yesterday afternoon and yard sales this morning. I scored some awesome finds, that I will probably post about soon, so stay tuned.... but for now, here's a sneak peak.  Betcha can't guess what it is? 

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Jul 17, 2011

Sweet Little Nightstand Makeover

This is the first piece of furniture that I have ever purchased from a Salvation Army.  The one in our town is pretty small and has a very sparse collection of furniture. 
It's a very sturdy piece... want to know how I know?  I stopped at a stop light on the way home and it flipped from being upright to being upside down in the back of my vehicle... and it wasn't damaged in the least.  Just so you know... I am a fairly good driver....

Sometimes when I buy a new piece to redo, it sits and sits and sits some more, but with this one I started working on it within moments of arriving home with it.  At first I was going to distress it, but then decided it would look better all clean and classy looking. Here it is all spiffed up...
I switched out the hardware for this brushed silver knob...

I really like how it turned out :-)
I am planning to work hard on a few more pieces this week... hopefully the weather holds, because I prefer making my messes outside!

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Jul 6, 2011

Table with Two Drawers

So... What would you call this piece?  Is it a table?  A nightstand?  A chest of drawers?  I'm really not sure!!
I picked it up at an auction a couple of weeks ago.  I thought it was really cute. After more thoroughly inspecting it at home, I am pretty sure that it was handmade.  So, it was probably designed to fit a specific purpose and space. 

I wanted to do something totally different with this piece.  I dry brushed it with one coat of paint, then gave it a sanding.  I did the body in white and the drawers in turquoise.
I also switched out the hardware.  I don't think that the knobs that came with it were original to the piece, because they were actually unfinished wooden ones.

Because this is the first piece I have done in this manner, I am a little uncertain.  Do you think that it looks alright? Or should I perhaps go over it again with more paint?

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