Jun 8, 2011

Yard Sale Finds

There is a little town about ten minutes from my house and every year on the first Saturday in June, there is a town wide yard sale.  My husband and I started out pretty early, leaving our house around 6:30.  We managed to snag some pretty good deals though, so the early hour was worth it.

The first deal of the day (which I don't have a picture of)  was was a 3 piece wicker set that I bought for $30.00.  My mother-in-law has been wanting one for quite a while now.  This one was in good shape and now resides on her front porch.  And most importantly, she absolutely LOVES it. 

I got this pretty bowl for less than $1.00:
And this crystal pitcher for 0.50!
Some vintage coppercraft and frames, that will receive a coat of paint:
This pretty set of bowls set me back a whole dollar for them all!

And these old clothes pegs were FREE!  Couldn't pass that deal up!
I bought this lamp and the shade at two different sales, and realized they could work pretty well together.  I still haven't decided whether to leave the lamp as is, or paint it white.... we'll see, I guess.  I am pretty sure that the lampshade is going to be embellished in some way.  Either with ruffles, or flowers. 
I am planning on making a pretty liner for this basket and using it to store fabric in.
I also picked up this old luggage rack for a few dollars and now I am looking for an old suitcase to sit atop it. Won't it look pretty with the straps replaced with a nice fabric?

I also scored this dresser that is in need of a makeover...

And last but not least, on the way home we happened upon a lonely little yard sale in our own town where I happened to find this lovely little wicker vanity.  I think it's just so pretty as it is. And with the price they had on it... I just couldn't leave it behind. 

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  1. I'm drooling over all of these finds. Also, if you wouldn't mind, what is the paint color on your walls? I'm dying over it.

  2. Ooo you must have a lucky yard sale gene! These are wonderful! Isn't it amazing what some people don't want?! And thank you for your sweet comment on my desk and chair. :)