Jun 7, 2011

Kroehler Korner Desk

This desk was bought at an auction about 20 minutes from my home.  You can usually get pretty good deals there.  The desk is solid maple (which means it is super heavy!) and was very solid.  However, the finish was  dated and on the top was in poor condition.
After several coats of paint, this is how it turned out.
I got the chair at an auction as well.  It is made in Poland.
Here are some close ups of the desk.  The knobs were originally a brassy color, but were spray painted black.  My husband said this piece reminded him of a grand piano, so I lined the drawer with some old music, for a bit of an unexpected surprise.

When I bought this piece I was a little uncertain as to how it would turn out.  I originally left the top unpainted, but that seemed to make it look too top heavy, so I ended up painting the entire thing.

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  1. Now I can picture this desk. It turned out great!

  2. it looks so cute! and i just LOVE that chair, too! it is awesome!!!

  3. What a very cool desk! I like the chair too, but the desk much better! love that it fits in a corner.
    you did a great job!
    ps catching you this week!

  4. That is my favorite of all your fines. Trish

  5. cute! I love the music notes in the drawer. Thanks so much for adding this post to my party!