May 31, 2011

Black Silhouette Picture Frames

I love going to auctions... you never know what you may find, and when you find it, you can usually get it at a great price!  Job lots can either be good or bad.  There may be only the one item that you end up keeping and the rest is junk.  But sometimes, they can yield unexpected surprises.  These frames were one of those pleasant surprises.  

There were two of these, both with similar pictures.  I knew that I could come up with something great for them.  I have been seeing a lot of silhouette images around, and thought that could be a good idea. I started by painting the frame black.  Then I used a stencil and painted this design on a piece of music.  
It was fairly simple to do... in fact the hardest part was cleaning years of gunk and white paint off the glass.  
For the second one, I used my printer and printed off this graphic directly onto the music.  I got the picture from the Graphic Fairy blog.

This one is for sale HERE in my Etsy shop.