Apr 29, 2011

Vintage Desk Redo

So, I bought this desk off of Kijiji a while back....

....And it has been sitting in my back room for a little over a month!  It was in decent shape, except for the finish.  Actually, when I bought it, there was glitter glue smeared all over it.  These pictures reflect the desk post scrubbing :-)

I have been waiting for some nice weather to give it a make over.  I managed to sand it down and get a coat of primer on it a week or two ago, but finally this Tuesday, it was nice enough to work outside! Yeeaaah!!!  So, I put another coat of primer on it since I was planning on painting it white.  And then I got two coats of white paint on it.  It's almost done!! It just needs one more coat of paint.  Then fun for the fun part!  I plan on giving it some distressing...   And then a top coat of minwax and then she'll be ready to go!  I am really liking this piece...It'll be one of those that I will wish I could keep.

Stay tuned for pictures of the final reveal!  

Here's a couple more before pictures...