Jan 25, 2011

Music Note Mirror Transformation!

This sad looking mirror was in a job lot I bought at an auction last Saturday.  This is what it looked like before. There was loads of paint on the mirror around the frame, but I managed to scrape most of that off, thankfully.  There was also a big chunk out of the top of the frame, and there was a couple of cracks at the bottom.  I thought about filling those in and just giving it a coat of white paint and then distressing it some, but then I came up with this idea!

I cut some strips of sheet music out of an old music book and glued them around the frame.  I then coated the entire frame with mod podge.

Then to dress it up a little, I added these cute little roses and a brown bow at the top.  I made the roses out of muslin and some pink satin.

What do you think? The glass in the mirror is fairly old... it's slightly wavy and there's a few spots... but I think think that just adds to the character!


  1. Hi Cynthia!
    It's your second-cousin (third??) Abby Ollila.
    That's a lovely mirror! I love the muslin roses, they're beautiful.
    I would be happy to make you a header or button! I aquired Photoshop Elements 8.0 two years ago and I can create pretty neat stuff if I do say so myself. ;)

    Here's my Blog-design-blog I share with my administator Speed;


    I'm also happy to give tips if your new to Blogger and need to be shown the ropes ;)


  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog today and commenting on my sheet music frames... and showing me a link to your post HERE! Your mirror turned out lovely!

    Now off to look at MORE of your blog and see what ELSE you have come up with!

    (So far I've used old sheet music to cover a flat-pack cheapo bookcase, the frames you saw and made a sheet music wreath-- more stuff in the works now!)

    From NW Illinois,

  3. Oh wow, love that mirror and looks like you were able to disguise the bad parts with the paper and ribbon. Wish I could find a music book like that, guess if I'm wishing I'll wish for a great mirror also. Great blog, love your projects. Happy Mother's day

  4. I absolutely love your music sheet mirror!! Too cute.